Freshman Baptism

Picture from the Freshman Baptism. (Photo via

Picture from the Freshman Baptism. (Photo via

Jacob Rombs, Writer

Last Friday night, the Hawks celebrated a commanding victory. Following the tradition of so many classes before, the seniors and freshmen participated in the annual “Baptism”, which is the welcoming ceremony for all freshmen coming into high school.  Both students and Form Master participate in the Cistercian tradition of being thrown into a swimming pool by the members of the senior class. Though there were several close calls throughout the process, every freshman entered the pool safely, and no injuries were obtained.

The highlight of the night was when Fr. Philip, the Form Master of Form V, was tossed into the pool.  Many years ago, when Caesar Lastimosa (AKA Fr. Philip) was a freshman, he narrowly avoided the cruel clutches of the senior class. Last Friday, Cistercian witnessed his return to the pool. After I was thrown in, I joined my classmates in chanting and splashing in anticipation of his entry. Overall, it was thrilling to be welcomed into high school through Cistercian’s unique tradition.

“It was very fun and I had a great time getting thrown into the pool. I also got to meet a bunch of new people which was also a plus,” stated Michael Huddleston, who recently entered the freshman class.  “It was an amazing party and was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed getting thrown into the pool,” said Brandon Williamson. And by the end of the night, many of the freshman left, thoroughly satisfied.