Mad Times


(Photo from RejectedGamingII)

Charlie Nowlin, writer

March Madness this year was one of the most exciting in a long time. From Middle Tennessee’s upset over Minnesota to the thrilling Final Four games, not only was the tournament entertaining, but it was also surprising. Xavier, seeded eleventh in their quadrant of the bracket, lasted until the Elite Eight, whereas Villanova, a number one seed, was taken down in the Round of 32 by Wisconsin. Instead of blowouts, this year’s Final Four had games that were close to the very end, resulting in last-minute attempts to continue the season. South Carolina, a seventh seed, stayed just behind first-seeded Gonzaga throughout much of the game and even made something of a comeback towards the end, but could not pull off the upset. When North Carolina took on Oregon, Oregon also attempted a final effort to take the game, but ended up one point short of their adversary, leading to a championship game between two strong one seeds. After a close margin the entire game, UNC pulled through and became the Division 1 NCAA Men’s Basketball champions, the highest honor for college basketball. From startling victories of underdogs to struggles that lasted to the last moments, this year’s tournament proved to be an enjoyable experience for all who viewed it.