Elf Jr.


Photo Credit: Rankin Bass

Leo Ontiveros, Writer

During the middle of September, our Drama teacher, Mr. Magill, sent forth a proclamation calling for anyone who wanted to participate in the Middle School play. After callbacks, we finally discovered what “illustrious” roles we were going to play. Soon, we began rehearsals to prepare for the big day. Everyone worked hard and brought everything they had into our practices. The beginning of October was quite boring because it was all memorization and no blocking or performing. Peter Ellis, our Fake Santa, greatly livened our practices. Finally, during the middle of October, we were finally able to start our performing preparations. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we were sent to the gym to learn the choreography for our dances; we were taught by Ms. Munoz. Carter Soderberg and I were the leaders of our rehearsals; we played Elf and real Santa, respectively. Being an all-boys school we didn’t have anyone willing to play the female parts. Luckily, Mr. Magill brought in Tara Magill, who played Jovie, and Gloria Crouch, who played Emily. They were great additions to the team and added much joy and cheer to our rehearsals. Then, as we entered into the month of November, we began to fly very smoothly by ourselves. Everyone was having fun, each showing their love for their characters. Finally, the theater was reopened, and we moved straight into it. We had our first dress rehearsal, and we all got to try our new costumes and the stage crew was able to get the lay of the land. Not to brag, but I had the best costume; my Santa outfit was extremely fuzzy and warm.

Finally, two days before our first performance, we were ready. We had learned everything that Mr. Magill taught us, including how to bow. Before the first performance, the parents threw a pizza party for all of us. After being well fed, we were ready to take the stage. Unfortunately, since it was the first day, we made some mistakes. However, on Saturday, we completely rocked it. Everyone gave their 110% and the play went off without a hitch. The theater was packed and we got a standing ovation. Then on Saturday, we really soared. We rocked it, and everyone was great, relaxed, and gave their 110%, the theater was packed also. Sunday was bittersweet because we had to end it. We were all tired and relieved that it was over, but parting was such sweet sorrow. Everyone left with an air of success and triumph around them. I would like to thank everyone who came out to see the show and everyone that helped us make it run so smoothly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!