Alex Smith , Writer

Teachersketball is always one of the school year’s highlights; seeing your favorite teachers miss, and seeing your Form Master match up against other teachers is always a sight to see. This year’s in particular was astounding, mainly because of the well done preview, exciting the student body, not to mention Coach Wesson’s absolute destruction of the entire faculty.

As a freshman, I was very amped by Mr. Spence’s playing style, running around the court 60 miles per hour. Our own form master, Fr. Lawrence almost out ran the entirety of both teams, being the former Varsity football running back for all 4 years of high school. Mr. Novinski (and his beautiful headband) was able to create flowing ball movement, obviously the glue holding the team together, leading his team almost as well as he leads the high school students. Mr. Blackwell, our college counselor, thoroughly showed us that, maybe, his talents might go far beyond simply counseling (although the floor might need counseling after that backflip).

Without a doubt, this was the best teachersketball game we’ve ever seen, and hopefully this won’t be the last time we see Coach Burk’s wig.