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Ask Kattdaddy!

Photo Credit: the Cistercian Photoshop Club

Photo Credit: the Cistercian Photoshop Club

Photo Credit: the Cistercian Photoshop Club

The Mysterious Kattdaddy, Writer

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Are you really a cat?
Submitted by Grizabella

No, I am a cosmic entity that roams the universe in search of entertainment.


Where do you live?
Submitted by P. Sherman

I am everywhere, and in everything…I am WHERE I LIVE!!!


What? What? What?
Submitted by Dave Quill

Actually, the real question is why?


Who would in a fight, you or Batman?
Submitted by Martha Kent-Wayne

The thing is… I AM Batman!


Why am I like this?
Submitted by Saish Satyal

Simply because you ask.


When are you going to reveal yourself?
Submitted by Josh Brolin

I will never reveal myself… You should be grateful that you even now of my existence! But in time, you will know what it’s like to lose…To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.


Do you scratch your paws?
Submitted by Mittens

As a sophisticated cosmic entity I do not, although I DO know that your cat does indeed scratch his paws….


Do you have friends?
Submitted by Randy Newman

All you middle schoolers are my dearest friends, until you become high schoolers (bleh)…


What mood are you in when you have to take a bath?
Submitted by Alex Close

I feel like destroying the world in a matter of seconds…but then I calm down by taking out all my rage on…pickle mice.


Why is Panama shaped like an S?
Submitted by The Irish, Panamian, Canadian Man

Kid, there are many mysteries of the world yet to be solved. We (well you) will never find out any of them. So don’t let that haunt you forever. Plus, you’re from
Panama!!! Why wouldn’t YOU know?!


If you were to pick a homecoming theme what would it be?
Submitted by a Clueless Stu. Co. Rep

Me, myself and I. Did I mention me? Look, it’s a great idea: first, we put up posters of myself all around the gyms. Then we put this huge mural at the entrance of the gym, that way all you can thank me of making this homecoming so spectacular. Everyone would dance around an immense statue of me made out of yarn holding a
disco ball to light up the dance floor. Oh, and everyone should wear my signature hat.


Are you a pickle?
Submitted by Bubble Bass

No, I am KATDADDY!!! Unless I want to turn into a pickle, which I’m able to do with my shapeshifting powers! Although, it’s very unlikely that I’ll want to…

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