It’s Homecoming Once Again!


Homecoming is the biggest, most jovial, and, sometimes, even the most nerve-racking event during the school year. It’s an event that evokes a feeling of nostalgia like no other. The alumni come back from all over the country and reminisce about the amazing years they shared together at Cistercian while watching the incredibly exciting Homecoming Football Game.

For a student at Cistercian, Homecoming is a special time during the school year because it’s when we get to have fun with friends, take part in our school’s intense school spirit at the football game, and de-stress from the rigors of our curriculum. However, with the excitement of Homecoming also comes the thrill of asking a date to the Homecoming dance, something every student at every high school dreads.

Freshmen, you have never attended the Homecoming dance before and are probably feeling the same fears and stresses I have felt. Don’t fret, I am here to give you some personal advice from the experiences I have had. First off, as young men, your first priority at Homecoming is your date. If she has fun, then you will most definitely have fun, too. Secondly, don’t be afraid to let loose on the dance floor and bust out your favorite dance moves. However, I highly recommend learning and practicing some dance moves before the dance itself so us upperclassmen won’t laugh at you. Lastly, pick out the snazziest tie that you own and wear it. There’s nothing better than having the coolest looking tie around. When everyone wears a suit, the tie becomes the most important part of the whole outfit! Your tie can make or break Homecoming, so choose wisely. A friend and classmate of mine, John Rehagen, has some words of his own to share with the freshman: “Cistercian Homecoming is a very fun and special experience that you will remember for a long time. It’s an incredible night full of dancing, singing, playing poker, and just hanging out with all of your friends. Just relax and enjoy it and make sure your date has a fun time, too. That’s the most important part.”

A few freshmen shared their thoughts with me about Homecoming. Truman Griffin said he was most excited about “the new experiences I will get to share with my classmates.” William Coulter said he was most excited about “the cool decorations as well as the student body’s effort in creating Homecoming.” William is exactly right. Cistercian Homecoming is special because of the role we students play in the creation of such a fun event. The more time and effort we put into the creation of the dance itself, the more fun it will be.

Cistercian’s Homecoming isn’t just any other dance; it’s our dance and we only get one a year. Every year, we fully transform our gym into the theme that’s been decided for that year. The setup for the dance starts three weeks prior to dance night and we strongly encourage (and technically require) each and every one of you to come by and share in the fun experience of transforming our gym into this year’s theme of Night at the Museum. Once again, the more people that attend and the more time and effort we put into our dance, the more fun it will be for everyone. It’s always an amazing feeling to look back at the finished product and take pride in our school’s combined efforts to create such a fun party. Through our shared unity of school pride and our special bond of brotherhood, we can make Cistercian Homecoming better than any other!