(Photo Credit: Blake Harris)

Photo Credit: Blake Harris

Homecoming Goes Wild!

October 5, 2018

As Homecoming 2018 approaches this weekend, the Upper School is buzzing. After scrambling for a month to figure out who they plan to ask and how they are going to set up the gym, the big day is finally upon us. Cistercian Homecoming is regarded by the girls as the best Homecoming in the area because they are blown away by how fun it is and how uniquely it is set up. Meeting this annual standard the greatest struggle for Cistercian students, and yet every year they rise to the occasion and overcome this challenge. The Student Council spares no time and expense in the planning of the dance, and even start planning as far as seven months prior to the big night. Many factors play into what makes our Homecoming so unique. One of these factors is the theme, which shapes the whole experience. The decorations of all the different rooms are made to fit the theme. Last year, with the theme of games, the dance floor was adorned with three enormous Hungry Hungry Hippo heads as the entrances, and we had a Mouse Trap cheesy snack bar.

Juniors and Seniors get the incredible privilege of wearing couples’ costumes to the dance, adding to the theme of the night. One can only imagine where the creativity of Cistercian students will take them as they decide on what costume to wear for this year’s Party Animals theme.

Another element that makes our dance unique is the setup and how the students take initiative as they prepare for the dance. There were already two seven-hour work days on September 22nd and the 29th, and we will have another one tomorrow, the 6th. It is almost entirely hand-made, using a variety of different supplies. At the first day of setup, Seniors put up the main walls for each room, a tradition that has always been a responsibility of the Senior class. The layout of the dance is simple: there are going to be several animal-themed rooms surrounding the dance floor room, including a casino, a snack bar, and an Savannah-themed entrance. Another important part of the dance is the Senior lounge, which, if you couldn’t tell by its name, is an area designated for the Seniors that is crowned by an enormous entrance. Possibly one of the most memorable entrances was that of 2015, constructed by the Class of 2016 as a replica of Spongebob’s pineapple house. The Class of 2019 is guaranteed to construct a great entrance, as grand schemes have always been an essential part of this class.

Every year, girls from all over the Dallas area want to come to Cistercian’s Homecoming. The dance has the reputation of being the best and most fun among all other Homecomings. Above all, it is incredibly unique, due to the handcrafted setup done by the student body. Cistercian guys get a good amount of time to make the lofty decision of who they will take to the dance, as the freshman mixer and football afterparties all present great opportunities for students to meet girls and discern potential candidates for homecoming dates.

Cistercian homecoming has never failed to disappoint (save for DJ Amy),with an incredible setup, an awesome performance put up by the football team that Friday, and the big night of the dance. Student Council has been hard at work for an incredibly long time, and the product that will come to fruition on October 6th will be nothing short of grand. It will without a doubt be a night to remember.

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