2017-2018 Staff

Patrick Geary

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Hey y'all! I'm Patrick Geary, and I'm your assistant editor-in-chief! It's my second year working at the Informer, and I enjoy country music much to the dismay of my servan ... I mean co-workers.

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Ethan Ramchandani

News Editor

That one guy over there... Eyes as brown as brown  

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Ronak Thomas

Social Media Manager

follow @cis_boos on Instagram. I am a man of great taste as you can clearly see by my amazing taste in Instagram posts.

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Nathan Paul

Production Manager

I believe in three things: Okapis are the greatest animals ever Ice Age 3 is the greatest movie ever Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the greatest word ever Follow me on Quizlet @npokapi...

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Chase Frutos


I am a writer. I am on varsity soccer and I love programming robots! :))

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Ben Woods

Nest Editor

Ben Woods is an editor on the Informer, but never shows up to meetings and when he does he just plays strange monkey coding games and messes around on Spotify. He really shouldn't be on the Informer staff, and actually wonders...

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Jacob Rombs

Editor in Chief

Hello, my name is Jacob Rombs, and I am a sophomore.  This is my second year with the Informer, and my first as Editor-in-Chief. I am looking forward to serving you in the coming years.  Besides writing for the Informer, I al...

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AJ Sklar

Assistant to the Layout Editor

After mortally wounding the Informer four years ago, I strive to revive this great paper with neat stats and bad nicknames

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Alex Smith

Middle School Editor

Middle School Editor & Cross Country Columnist, coined the phrase "embrace the race".

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Ayden Kowalski


Freshman writer for the Informer. Writes stories and music when not busy with Latin homework.

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