2019-2020 Staff

Calvin Step


Alex Smith


Editor-in-Chief & Cross Country Columnist, coined the phrase "embrace the race".

Mateo Ramirez

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Saish Satyal

Nest Editor

Ethan Ramchandani

News Editor

I'm surprised you're even looking at my articles...  

AJ Sklar

Arts Editor

After mortally wounding the Informer six years ago, I strive to revive this great paper with neat stats and bad nicknames

Ayden Kowalski

Digital Editor

Not a penguin.

Nathan Paul

Production Manager

I believe three things: The Okapi is the greatest animal ever Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is the greatest movie ever Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the greatest word ever Follow me on Quizlet ...

Sam Sloan

Copy Editor

Chase Frutos

Sports Editor