The Mandalorian: The Start of Season 2


Photo Credit: Christoph H. Kilger

via ckilger

Warning: spoilers below!


The Mandalorian, which began to air on Disney Plus toward the end of last year, returned last Friday with the first episode of season two. Although some viewers, both casual and die-hard, argue that season one will remain superior, season two is off to a great start and I believe that it will be even better than its predecessor. With the original star-studded cast returning for the new season, along with additional characters, creatures, and a new plot, season two of The Mandalorian is destined for stardom.

From the Mandalorian to Baby Yoda to Cobb Vanth, the ensemble of characters for season two is amazing to say the least. Although we did not get much information regarding Baby Yoda during the first episode of season two, the interaction between Mando and Vanth was spectacular to watch. Vanth, who donned Boba Fett’s infamous armor, allied with Mando to help kill the Krayt Dragon, which constantly terrorizes his town. Ultimately, they accomplished their goal and slayed the dragon. Although the interaction may not have been significantly important to the overall storyline of the new season, it was extremely fun to watch, and I cannot wait for these characters to meet again.

The Krayt Dragon is one of the best Star Wars creatures I have ever seen. Rivaled only by Ewoks, Wookiees, and the Sarlaac Pit, the Krayt Dragon is incredible. Although many previous creatures have just been plain cool and really fun to watch, none have ever instilled fear: none until the Krayt Dragon. Hearing Mando explain to Vanth that the dragon ate a Sarlaac and watching the Tusken Raiders display the scale of the dragon all added to the amount of fear I felt every time the dragon appeared on screen. On top of that, watching it devour hordes of Tusken Raiders and entire Banthas during the final battle took my breath away.

Finally, the plot of the new season is phenomenal. Contrary to season one, the main characters are already established, so season two can just jump into the action. Such was the case during the first episode. Also, the end of season one gave us a great plot which will be ever-present during season two, finding the remains of Baby Yoda’s species. Although it was not touched upon during the first episode, the next few will begin to expand on this topic.

In conclusion, the second season of The Mandalorian, which many doubted would come close to its predecessor’s fame, exceeded its expectations. With the amazing ensemble of characters, the incredible new creatures, and the phenomenal plot, there is no limit to what season two can achieve.