Cistercian BraveArtists: Ayden Kowalski – “I Never Said”

December 15, 2020


Photo Credit: Peter Novinski

I Never Said

Fragile words I never said

Shadowed worlds inside my head

I hid it all from you instead.


A single touch I never shared

This thing called love, I never dared

I couldn’t try, I was too scared.


Diamond eyes, you’re in my nights.

I try to fly away, but I

Can’t seem to leave, I’m paralyzed.


And if I see you in the light

Will I believe, or will I shy

Away? I cannot say, I cannot say,


I care.

‘Cause what if you don’t?

I can’t say I care

‘Cause what if you won’t?


So, if you gave me a try

Would we end up side by side?

Or would you find that I’m not right?


A thousand nights might come to pass

You hold your children in your lap

Or are we not conceived for that?


I’ll think about you one cold night

When you’re finally out of sight

I’ll gaze up at the sky and say, “I want you.”

And when I find my life is right

I’ll glide through time, and I will bind

The stars into my palm and say, “I love you.”

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