Annual Volleyball Tournament

Annual Volleyball Tournament

Jack Schieferdecker, writer

Every year in the fall, the upper school holds a volleyball tournament for charity.  Many people, however, do not know much about the tournament except that it happens. There is a maximum of 10 teams, each consisting of 6 players. The teams may include any upper school students from Cistercian, as well as girls from other schools such as Hockaday or Ursuline.

In the end, it came down to an intense battle between team Facial Hair and team Insert Name Here.  After three sets to 15 points, team Insert Name Here claimed the title of victor.

Team “Hawkaday,” a dynamic freshman team consisting of Kaosi Unini, Jack Schieferdecker, and Joe Dunikoski was a powerhouse on October 22nd, the day of the tournament.  The idea behind this clever name is that half of the players are from Cistercian (the hawks, obviously) and half are from Hockaday.  Upon being asked about the tournament just before its start, Kaosi Unini said, “I can’t wait for the event. Despite being an all-freshman squad, I expect complete and utter destruction of all other teams.”

The competition was fierce this year, with plenty of talented seniors who want to pull away with the win.  We appreciate all of those who participated, and those who came to support your classmates.