Varsity Soccer vs Country Day


Emmanuel Adesanya, Sports Editor

The Hawks faced off against the troublesome Fort Worth Country Day Falcons for their third SPC counter match. The game was hotly contested, as Country Day desperately tried to keep their post-season hopes alive, while the Hawks were set on keeping their 1st place ranking in conference play. The Falcons came out firing and at times succeeded in being more physical than the Hawks, who were more defensive  in the first half. Chances were scarce as it, leaving the second half up for grabs at 0-0. The second half was fruitless. With 15 minutes to go, head coach JP Walsh put Junior Tommy Nealon, a center midfielder hobbling around with a nasty ankle injury, at forward. Nealon promptly dribbled down into the box, earned a penalty, and coolly put the ball away in the bottom right corner. Country Day proceeded to panic but were able to muster a few chances; in the final 10 minutes they earned 4 corners and 2 free kicks. “They practice set pieces for 45 minutes everyday at practice”, Coach Walsh told his players before the game. The kicks amounted nothing however, as the Hawks preserved the 1-0 score line.