My Varsity Experience


Image via Creative Commons.

Kyle Blessing, writer

As a freshman, I was honored to be invited to the Varsity team. It has been a rather peculiar experience, moving from the middle school locker room last year to the Varsity lockers this year, playing with new teammates, and experiencing greater intensity of the game.  Our practices have been very different from what I was expecting, especially since we have been scrimmaging and playing “keep away” almost every day, instead of doing only drills and conditioning.  But this detail may change in the future. I greatly enjoy playing with Varsity at games. It’s great because, since there are so many people, you never really get tired during the game.  Simply playing on the field with people whom I haven’t met until this year gives me such joy. One thing that I love about playing on Varsity is receiving passes. As odd is that may sound, it boosts my confidence because I think, hey, I was worth passing to. But even more exhilarating is the experience of scoring. I scored only once in our 8-0 win several weeks ago, but it was the highlight of my season so far. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Varsity for me has been a fun experience and I hope to see you out there soon.