Back To School


Saish Satyal, Writer Supreme

On August 22nd, school started. I had plans to hold a Viking funeral in which we burned our freedom. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Viking ship, no one RSVP’d to the funeral and for some reason, the government didn’t want me to float a burning ship across a lake. Instead, I joined millions of other kids by crying internally for a few hours. The start of school means more responsibility in general. While some people were able to get jobs or internships over the summer, most people took this time to go on vacation with their families and just relax and unwind. However, with the beginning of school, we’re all going to have to buckle up because the emotional roller coaster that we call school is going to have twists and turns that we’ve only heard of, but never seen.
While the beginning of school marks another 9 months of studying and pressure, it’s also interesting to see the different types of students who start the school year off. There’s always at least one kid with a bag full of colored pens, a ton of mechanical pencils and five or six different colored highlighters. When looking at this kid’s notes, it’s like someone took a rainbow and put it into neat handwriting on a notebook. Of course, there’s the kid that also brought the rainbow with him, except he doesn’t have the best handwriting, so it looks like someone splattered a bunch of colored ink onto a page and made it form vague words. There’s also the kid that claims that they absolutely failed a test while in reality, they got an A-. There’s also the person that never seems to have a sheet of paper or a pencil. It could be because they’re lazy, but it’s usually because they don’t actually have paper or pencils which is surprising because they never seem to have it and this is school, the first things that we buy for school are folders, paper and pencils/pens. But, it’s not like I’m mad about this or anything.
Honestly though, who doesn’t love the stress that comes with school? Sure, you’ll be staying awake until midnight or later trying to finish up that giant essay while realizing that you need to be awake at 6:00 AM tomorrow because you need to get to school early, but that’s the fun of it! Another amazing thing to do is to finish up your French project at 12 AM the day before it’s due and then realize that you forgot to save the final few slides of your project, so you have to haphazardly finish it at 8:15 in the morning while your parents are yelling at you because you’re going to be late. To be fair, school isn’t all bad. There are always outings and football games to go to and there’s always the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches from the concession stands. Summer also doesn’t really have the thrill of knowing that it’s Friday and you’ll soon be free to go home and play some video games and just relax. While it’s you get to do whatever you want during the summer, the excitement of Friday just doesn’t exist because every day is essentially Saturday. Of course, you also get to see certain friends that you haven’t seen for a long time which can also be fun, but in general, the start of school isn’t always the most fun thing for anyone.
No matter what emotions you have during the start of the school year, we at The Informer would like to welcome everyone back for another year of learning and wish everyone good luck on this terrifying roller coaster we call school.