Homecoming Game 2015: K(NIGHT) of the Hawks


The Hawks take a moment for the national anthem before starting the game. Photo credit CPS Exodus 2015

Emmanuel Adesanya, Sports Editor

Homecoming is a fun-filled weekend kicked off by a feel-good win, typically against a less skilled opponent. This year, however, was far from the case as unfortunate scheduling occurred and our Hawks were set to play the Episcopal High School Knights, a squad set on defending their titles as 2014-15 SPC Champions.

Loaded with Division I recruits (led by the #1  2017 DL) the size of mammoths, stopping these heathens from Houston was all the Hawks could hope to do. Many loyal fans, possibly jokingly, possibly seriously, prayed for the Hawks’ safety and well being. If not prayers, then wagers were made as to whether or not they could score “like a hundred” on the defense.

But like the anomaly of scheduling such a fierce opponent on a weekend of celebration, the game provided just as much peculiarity. The first half was dominated by the Knights, with the score at “a lot to a little” (42-3). The crowd nevertheless exploded when senior kicker Max Talkington nailed a 34-yard field goal just before the half. “He was like Michael Jordan in game,” Junior Cole Gimenez raved.

The final two quarters produced a much different tale. The Hawks put up three touchdowns against a stingy Knights defense, while Episcopal answered with two of their own. The 4th quarter produced a similar outcome as the Knights were out scored again, 16-12. Despite Episcopal winning the first half and Cistercian the second, the SPC’s zero tolerance for tied games ultimately gave Episcopal High School the victory over the Hawks, 67-40.