Returning to Cistercian Football


via Cistercian Informer

At the beginning of the summer, the football team was not sure if they would be able to work out as a group this summer. Considering 7 on 7 and spring football had been cancelled, the team (along with other athletes) needed a chance to get together through strength and conditioning. Thankfully, the administration approved the idea of having strength and conditioning, and with the careful planning of our coaches, we were at school on Monday, June 15. But there was one main challenge that had to be overcome: we had to safely socially distance while doing an activity that, traditionally, is not conducive to social distancing.

This meant that this summer’s strength and conditioning would be very different than any of the athletes were used to. First, in order to keep athletes distanced from one another, there was a limit of thirty athletes per session. In years past, there have been upwards of fifty or sixty athletes at strength and conditioning. Of course, when only half the number of people can attend, you have to make two sessions to accommodate all the athletes. On top of this, extra measures were taken to clean equipment and make sure players stayed safe. Athletes were required to wear masks in the weight room, and every time someone finished using a piece of equipment, it was sanitized with clorox wipes.

Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding strength and conditioning this summer, the Hawks were very successful in the weight room and on the track. Fifteen athletes ran a sub-1.1 second flying 10 meter run (a measure of a player’s top speed) compared to last year’s seven. Devon Comstock (‘22) and Charles Treadway (‘21) both broke the all-time vertical jump record, which they both previously held, with Comstock jumping 38.1 inches and Treadway 37.3 inches. In the weight room, the Hawks had an average bench max of 194 lbs, and eighteen players benched more than 200, which beat the previous record of thirteen. They also had an average hang clean max of 198 lbs, which is the highest the team has ever had.

Many records were broken this summer, and the team looks bigger, faster, stronger, and more explosive than it has ever been. But there is one thing I would like to point out that is arguably more important than the records we broke: we managed to have six weeks of strength and conditioning without a single positive COVID test, and without having to stop or suspend workouts at all. We were the only school in SPC that managed to achieve this. So, not only are we physically strong, but we are also a disciplined and responsible group. I think this speaks volumes to who the Cisterian athlete is: he is committed, ready to make the sacrifices necessary to better himself and the team.

After six weeks of strength and conditioning, the team usually takes a week off, and then begins summer practices the first week of August. But, since the season was moved back, and the team cannot practice until we are on campus September 2, we were left with nothing to do as a team. So, unofficial workouts were offered three times a week (similar to strength and conditioning) at a gym in Dallas. Needless to say, the Hawks have been making the most of their time off.

The team is more physically imposing than it has ever been, and we have shown our discipline and responsibility all summer. This, combined with the many returning Seniors and Juniors who have varsity experience, points towards a very successful run this year. While we are not certain what the future holds for fall sports, if it’s possible to at least play, then it looks like the Hawks are in very good shape.