Valentine’s Dance

Valentine's Dance

Jackson Summers, Writer

Form IV is a year full of new opportunities, especially in the social department. So far this year, one of the greatest experiences our class has had was the Hockaday Valentine’s Dance which consisted of students from only Hockaday, Cistercian, and Saint Mark’s. Most of the students in my class attended and from what I can tell, and we all had a wonderful time. (My favorite part was being able to see all of my classmates enjoying the experience of meeting and talking to Hockaday girls. We normally take notes; that night we took numbers.)

In many ways, it was very different from Junior Assembly. Because of the fewer number of students, the setting was a bit more intimate but only slightly less chaotic. My belief is that this dance is designed to give students an idea of what mixers will be like in High School. High School dances such as Winter Formal and Homecoming offer a more personal social setting. At a dance like this, students are given the opportunity to both dance and have fun as well as talk and get to know each other. To sum up, if you are one of my classmates who has trouble enjoying themselves at most of our dances, have hope that the dances in high school will be more like the Valentine’s dance at Hockaday.