A Message to the Middle School


Samuel Menerey, Writer

As the school year begins, we all climb up the ladder one more step and move into the next grade. Hopefully, the summer break has given us a rest and a recharge for the next nine months, which will be filled with quizzes, tests, projects, and exams. Cistercian is unique in that it focuses on spiritual breaks, either throughout the week, i.e. your class mass, or larger masses for important days in the church calendar. This can relieve the strain of intense academic work. When paired with the proper attitude, the school year becomes easier and turns out to be not as bad as you might think.

For the people with the least experience, our new set of First Formers, the new school and transition from elementary to middle school may appear daunting. Cistercian’s reputation as one of the best schools in Texas (in addition to the many accolades and trophies we achieve) can make academic success seem impossible. However, one of the best things a young student can do is realize that the teachers are concerned with the student’s individual growth much more than their success in a competition. They are happy to answer any difficult question and to help the student understand how to do better in that teacher’s class. The smaller class size means that teachers will be less hampered by hundreds of papers to grade, and have more time to spare for any student who needs help.

In the same spirit as seeking help from teachers, new students should also go to their fellow students for help, either for a tough homework question or a quick study session before a test. Once all the students in a form have eventually gotten to know each other, and also figured out who has strengths in a particular subject, students will go to their comrades more and more often, which in the end builds the core of the form. Just as importantly, those who know themselves to be strong academic students should offer help whenever they see a struggling classmate.

The summer break was a nice pause from the regular school routine, but now is the time to start again. Moving up into a higher grade may seem like going into a new world, but there will be a lot of familiarity. Your classmates and Form Master will be with you for the next several years until graduation, and all the teachers and staff will be able to help. Again, to all the new students, welcome; to everyone else, welcome back.