Middle School Checkup


Dylan Smith, Writer

School is almost a quarter in, and we are now all settled in for another year full of new teachers, books, and fun with our classmates. Most of us have already taken several tests, and our grades are beginning to form properly. The First Formers are adjusting to their new school.  The Second Form has run the Dot Race. The Third Form is finishing its first sports season.

A lot of us are struggling to pay attention in class, as we are still in that “summer mood.” However, it’s still very important to try to find your strengths, especially at the year’s start. Working hard and doing well on tests and quizzes is essential to get a good grade at the end of the semester. It always feels good to start on the right foot and not be behind in classwork or have low grades. Even the smallest homework or quiz grade can be the difference between an A or a B!

I have learned that if you show your teachers that you are able to pay attention and participate in class, you might get lucky and they might help your grade a little bit if you are really close to an A or a B. Most teachers will reward students through the participation part of the grade. So not only is participation an easy way to raise your grade, but to also learn the class material and ask questions that some of your classmates could benefit from. The key is to stay on top of classwork and make sure to see teachers if you have any questions or are confused about material.

With almost a quarter under our belt, we are starting to figure out which classes we really enjoy or can excel in. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to come together as a Form and help those classmates who are struggling at a subject you may excel at. It feels amazing to have a classmate help you with something you don’t know. It only makes the bond between us Form brothers stronger when we pitch in and help each other study. I think this approach will make our Form Masters happy as well. Our Form Master is always trying to help us learn, grow and become sophisticated men and helping each other grow is a great way to start.

One fun way to bond with not only the Form but the entire Cistercian community is to come to High School basketball games. The games are consistently exciting, even when they don’t go our way. In fact, one time, I went to a Cistercian basketball game, and the next day I found a note from a High Schooler on my desk thanking me for coming. It made me feel like a true part of the Cistercian community, and it’s a memory that I’ll treasure.
Don’t let the classes, papers, study halls, and readings get you down. There are many opportunities to feel like a real part of this amazing Cistercian community. We are all in this together and we are HAWK STRONG!