Form II (So Far)


Michael Menerey, Writer

Form II is a really fun year because it is full of many new opportunities, whether in class or with the form. However, this means that it can also be challenging. The classes cover more topics, but they can be sometimes difficult. Although some pose a challenge, I am enjoying my classes this year, and am looking forward to the rest of the year as well.

One very big change from last year is the set of teachers we have. All of our teachers are new to us, including a teacher who is completely new to the school. As well as teachers, our classes cover new material, most of which builds on the stuff from last year. In history, we are learned about Mesopotamia and Egypt, and now we are learning about China. In English, we changed the Chronicles of Narnia for the Hobbit and some other books. Instead of learning about planets in earth science, we talk about plants and bugs in life science. This year, we did the bug project, which was a great experience. In Latin, we are in Roman Britain, not Pompeii, and we learn about the history of Britain as well. Math is full of new and challenging material. In religion class, we have a saint project where you research a saint. You write an essay and make a speech about the saint, explaining when they were born, how they died, and which pope canonized them. These main classes are still tough, but they have their fun moments. In Art, we are starting clay, which we also did in Form I. In music, we are researching different instruments, and their groups, such as woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion.  In computer, we have been working with Python. We have been able to make games, which was a lot of fun.

Our class has many clubs. I am a journalist for the 2025 Weekly, our news organization. One of them is the class government, with two senators, four congressmen, and our leader, Fr. John. We re-elect congress every quarter, and we re-elect a senator every semester. Every few days, there is a meeting to discuss different things going on in the form. The 2025 Weekly is allowed to send some journalists to each meeting, to take notes and let others know what happened. The clubs we have are great, because we get to practice doing extra activities outside of regular school.

Another thing our form does well is community service. Every year at the beginning, middle, and end, we go out and serve somewhere. We have been to nursing homes before, and this year we went to repaint walls covered in graffiti. We traveled to downtown Dallas and repainted several walls throughout the city. Because you could talk to your friend while you worked, the service project did not feel as challenging. I think all forms should be involved in community service because it is a great group activity that strengthens the form, as well as helping other people who are not as fortunate.

We have stepped up a notch since last year, but that is to improve the students and the form. Through clubs, we have been working to improve the form, as well as have fun and spend time on out of school activities. By doing more community service, we have strengthened the spirit of the form, and also helping other people who are in need. Lastly, we have been taking harder classes, which are preparing us for the more difficult classes we will take later at Cistercian. All in all, I am enjoying the year so far, and I am looking forward to more exciting things.