Garbage Guru, No. 5

Senators under Strict Orders to Pay Attention during weeks-long Impeachment Trial

I’m sorry, these orders are just insanely stupid. Are our senators children that need to be told to pay attention? Why do they need to be told this during a trial that determines whether or not our country’s leader stays in office? They’ve been through high school history classes and a previous impeachment trial; they should know the social and political implications of a president getting removed. The only time I get told to “pay attention” is when I’m running on 2-3 hours of sleep and slipping in and out of consciousness in Theology class. My salary isn’t paid by taxpayer dollars and I wasn’t elected to serve the People. They swore an oath in front of God to uphold the Constitution, and at a moment that could easily be classified as a Constitutional crisis, they need to be told to pay attention? The nature of their jobs isn’t enough to make them do that? The nationally televised hearing, the fact that the defendant is the “Leader of the Free World,” and the fact that the judge is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court wasn’t enough to make them pay attention? Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell had to do that? I’m sure many of them were planning to pay close attention to the facts anyway, but the fact that anything even similar to this order needed to be issued is disappointing and honestly disgraceful.

US Government unveils new, camouflaged Space Force Uniforms

There are just so many things wrong with this headline, it’s hard to write about. So, why in the name of all things good do we have a Space Force? Are we worried about the Galactic Empire? Are the aliens on the dark side of the moon such a terrifying threat that we need a branch of the US Military in space? I understand that the United States’ whole “thing” is being the strongest military in the world, but there are people DYING because they can’t afford insulin or because they don’t have proper housing in the winter. Our nation is facing so many domestic problems, many of which boil down to a shrinking middle class and a growing wealth disparity in our nation, and instead of fixing that, we created a Space Force? Not only that, we decided to base our Space Force logo on the Starfleet Command logo from Star Trek? America is boldly going where no man has gone before because the other men knew how stupid of a venture this was. Our defense budget is already trillions of dollars and we’re adding more to it? It’s also important to mention that NASA’s funding is being cut almost every year! Truly, it’s headlines like these that are convincing me that I live in a simulation.